Jewish places

Aschaffenburg has preserved a few memorials commemorating the former Jewish community.

  • 1 | The Synagogue

    Since 1698 the synagogue had been located at Treibgasse.

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  • 1 | The Rabbinate House

    The rabbinate house was built in 1899 on the site of the earlier building.

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  • 1 | Wolfsthalplatz

    Today’s Wolfsthalplatz was the site of the former synagogue.

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  • 1 | Museum of Jewish History and Culture

    In 1984, the Jewish documentation center was established in the former rabbinate house.

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     Museum jüdischer Geschichte und Kultur
  • 2 | Memorial stone, Abbey Church

    The stone commemorating the Aschaffenburg citizen Petrus Scheckemecher from 1443 .

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     Gedenkstein Stiftskirche
  • 3 | Jewish cemeteries

    There are two Jewish cemeteries in Aschaffenburg.

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     Jüdischer Friedhof
  • 3 | The Tahara House

    The Tahara house of the old town’s Jewish cemetery was built in 1902.

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  • The Löwenthal department store

    The largest fashion store in town was the Löwenthal department store.

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  • The “Stolpersteine” (stumbling stones)

    The first laying in Aschaffenburg took place in 2008.

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